Okinawa Isshin Ryu Karate & Kobudo Seishinkan Chile Master Chase Visit & Black Blet Test January 2012

South America – Chile, January 2014

In January 2014, a historic event for OIKKA organization and Seishinkan School at international and national level respectively took place: twelve black belts of which two were for 3rd and 4th respectively give graduate.

Sensei Diego Rodriguez, after a last intense years of training presented his degree examination to Yon Dan and it was beginning his path as a certified instructor of the organization for teaching the Isshin Ryu under the demanding OIKKA and Seishinkan human and technical guidelines.

Part of the quality standards of Seishinkan school is to present an investigation of any area that concerns the practice of martial arts. In this opportunity, Sensei Diego presented the research called “Necessity and relevance of a sustained martial arts organizations leadership,” which, based on specialized leadership in educational organizations literature, seeks to clarify what were the axes of development of the most large Martial Arts organizations in east and seeks to shed light on what should be the future of contemporary organizations to perpetuate in time.

4th Dan Black Belt, by Master Chistopher Chase

In the sports fields Llacolen and after almost four hours of examination, the results were positive for everyone. Finalizing the instance and taking advantage of the sensitive moment of joy who experienced all, Sensei Diego takes the opportunity to bring new black belts and remember the key aspects that have marked the hallmark of Seishinkan Chile in its almost 29 years of existence.

Moment of reflection led by Sensei Diego to remember the most relevant aspect of the Seishinkan School




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