Master Tsuyoshi Uechi´s Kata Seminar in Harslev – Denmark

Master Tsuyoshi Uechi & Diego Rodriguez Sensei 2016 Kata Seminar Harslev – Denmark

Denmark, November 2016

Uechi Tsuyoshi Sensei, 8th dan Joshinkan Okinawa Isshin Ryu Karate & Kobudo Kyo Kay was the last month of November dictating a kata seminar which was organized in a splendid way by Martin Frederiksen Sensei and  Nellie Brasted, both belonging to Joshinkan Isshin Ryu in Denmark.

Uechi Sensei Harslev Gashuku

Sensei Diego as a student and ambassador of OIKKA Seishinkan Chile, participated and taking the respects of all the students of Seishinkan, as well as sharing a full weekend of grow and training with Uechi sensei, and all the studens of Joshinkan Europe.

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It should be noted that Uechi sensei was the former president of OIKKA (Okinawa Isshin Ryu Karate & Kobudo, founded by grand master Angi Uezu in 1990) and one of the first students of Uezu sensei. Sensei Osvaldo Rodriguez and several students who have traveled to Okinawa and USA have had the opportunity to share and train with this great Master and great person at the same time.

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The seminar in Harslev covered the katas Seisan, Seiunchin, Naihanchi, Wansu and all the Kihon.

Special thanks of the author to the organizers for such a wonderful event and to Lars Andersen Sensei for the invitation


Karate News Denmark seminar’s cover.

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