Seishinkan Budo School gives you the warmest welcome.

On this site, you will find information about our school, the Okinawa Traditional Isshinryu Karate 沖縄 一心流空 & Okinawa Tokushinryu Kobudo 沖縄 徳身流古武道, which are the main disciplines that guide the daily work of our dojos and representatives.

In addition, you will be able to know the next and most recent events, professional background and trajectory of our instructor team and dojos, as well as everything related to the 34 years of existence of Seishinkan that today has a presence in Chile, Sweden and Russia.





SHISA sin fondo



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“ISSHINRYU KARATE & TOKUSHINRYU KOBUDO – Kyu Rank Examination, 22 November 2022”

Congratulations to the Isshinryu Karate and Tokushin Ryu Kobudo students who took the belt exam last November. Osvaldo Rodriguez sensei – Isshinryu Karate & Tokushinryu Kobudo 7th dan – and Magaly Inzunza sensei – Isshinryu Karate 4th dan – attended remotely to support the examination panel, which had the pleasure of evaluating a consistent group of 16 students, which demonstrates the constant and disciplined growth of the group as a whole.


“1st KATANA SEMINAR: Japanese Sword Introduction”

On October 29, Seishinkan Budo Sweden received Miguel Angel Ullivarri sensei, 5th Dan in Kendo and 4th Dan in Iaido, who is also a graduate of the International Budo University in Tokyo, Japan, to teach the first introductory course to the Japanese sword. Practitioners of Naginata, Iaido, Karate and Kobudo accompanied us in a training day that included basic Kamae, Ashi Sabaki and Kirikata.

Our team is currently working on a second event that is planned to be held in Saint Petersburg, Russia, during 2023 that will also includes Karate & Kobudo


“THE 2nd OKINAWA KARATE WORLD TOURNAMENT: Impressions, Final remarks & The Tale”

On September 7, 2022, it was a month since the historic 2nd Okinawa Karate World Tournament 第 2 回 沖縄 空 手 国 際 大 会 Finals were held, which saw a new generation of enthusiasts on the podium. To celebrate, we have published an article in which the details, the atmosphere before and during the event are reviewed, as well as a first-person account of our instructor, who achieved the silver award in the Shuri/Tomari-te Kei, Male I division. We invite you to revive and share with us this unforgettable moment through the link below.

THE 2nd OKINAWA KARATE WORLD TOURNAMENT: Impressions, Final remarks & The Tale