Seishinkan Budo School gives you the warmest welcome.

On this site, you will find information about our school, the Okinawa Traditional Isshinryu Karate 沖縄 一心流空 & Okinawa Tokushinryu Kobudo 沖縄 徳身流古武道, which are the main disciplines that guide the daily work of our dojos and representatives.

In addition, you will be able to know the next and most recent events, professional background and trajectory of our instructor team and dojos, as well as everything related to the 34 years of existence of Seishinkan that today has a presence in Chile, Sweden and Russia.





SHISA sin fondo



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On May 1st 2022, our organization celebrate its 35th year since the official oppening date in Chile, back in 1987. Since then, hundred of students had been part of the history that today can see some trird generation of martial artist being part of our comunity. It’s at the same time and with great joy that Seishinkan Budo School Sweden celebrate its first year of operation since may 10th 2021, were our first official training.

Simultaneous activities such as special training sessions and commemorative dinners will be held at the beginning of May to celebrate together with our students.

We invite you to review the article prepared and published in 2017 (Click on the link below) on the occasion of the celebration of 30 years of Seishinkan Budo School. In it you will find our historical evolution, photographic records and our Mission and Institutional vision.

SEISHINKAN BUDO SCHOOL, 35th year Anniversary: Research & Historical Perspective


“OKINAWA ISSHINRYŪ KARATE – Kyū rank examination June 2022”

沖 縄 一 心 流 空 手 – 徳 身 流 古 武 道

We congratulate our three students who pass their rank test in Isshinryū Karate on Tuesday, June 21, after a constant period of regular training, which allowed them to demonstrate an outstanding technical level in the program required for the rank to which they applied.

Leon Lindh, Isshinryū Karate 9th Kyu White/yellow belt*
Mr. Fredrik Lindh, Isshinryū Karate 9th Kyu Yellow belt
Mrs. Olga Mikheeva, Isshinryū Karate 9th Kyu Yellow belt
(*)Isshinryu Karate children graduation system