Okinawa Isshin Ryu Seishinkan Chile

New Jersey – United States, August 2016

On 19 and 20 August 2016, took place the first version of the world championship OIKKA organization in the city of Bordentown, New Jersey, in honor of Grand Master Angi Uezu. This event was attended from Denmark Sensei Diego and other representatives of the school Seishinkan from chile achieving very important results. After nearly a year of intense preparation in the physical and technical aspects, the results filled with pride those who led the process in the organizational part and the development of training programs for the competitor. Sensei Diego was linked intensely in this process and in implementing it, especially Kumite preparing the group until July, prior to their trip to DenmarAmong leading competitors across the United States, South America, Europe and India, sensei Diego achievement crowned World Champion in the category of Kata Karate and Kobudo, which complement a brilliant career for the past 10 years.

A sporting achievement of the delegation, also adds the important mark left school OIKKA Seishinkan Chile in the technical and human level that was shown during the event.

Click here to watch some videos 


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