SEISHINKAN HONBU DOJO – 2020 Black Belts Examination


Seishinkan Hombu Dojo, Concepcion – Chile. July 1st, 2020.

As usual and following the calendar of activities for this 2020, the examination process for black belt applicants in Chile has officially started on July 1st.

On this occasion, the following students have been summoned to be tested for their  next respective  ranks:

Mr. ALFONSO LAVANCHY, Nidan applying to Sandan – Seishinkan Omokiri Dojo Director, Santiago, Chile.
Mr. JOSE MIGUEL RIESCO, Nidan applying to Sandan – Seishinkan Taiki Dojo Director, San Pedro, Chile.
Mr. PAULO VERA, Nidan applying to Sandan- Hombu Dojo Concepcion, Chile.
Mr. RODRIGO MONARDES, Nidan applying to Sandan – Hombu Dojo Concepcion, Chile.
Mr. GERARDO SALDAÑA, Shodan applying to Nidan – Hombu Dojo Concepcion, Chile.
Mr. JUAN MANUEL SEPULVEDA, 1st Kyu, applying to Shodan – Hombu Dojo Concepcion, Chile.

All applicants have been holding for the past few years a consistent period of regular training in addition to developing and participating in support activities in their respective training groups, which is undoubtedly transferred to the rest of the students from the different dojos in the country.

Obeying history and complying with the standard of our organisation, the instance that takes place once a year, contemplates a long process that begins with the two most relevant aspects of evaluation: the theoretical/research aspect and off course the practical / technical part. The latter has been strongly modified in order to adapt to the current health circumstances that affect the regular operation of the honbu dojo, which prevents the regular training aimed at supporting the group. For this reason, an online training calendar has been established, in which it is intended to support more specifically the individual process of each one by the team of senior instructors.

The examining commission, chaired by Osvaldo Rodriguez Sensei, will be completed by the senior Seishinkan instructors team as follow:

OSVALDO RODRIGUEZ Sensei, Nana dan, Seishinkan Budo School – President.
IVAN PARRA sensei Roku dan. Seishinkan Takeshi Budo, Los Angeles, Chile.
DIEGO RODRIGUEZ sensei, Go dan. Seishinkan Budo Europe. Stocholm, Sweden.
MAGALY INZUNZA sensei, Yon dan. Seishinkan Honbu Dojo, Concepcion, Chile.
MAURICIO LOPEZ sensei, Yon dan. Seishinkan Tamashi Dojo, Los Lagos region, Chile.



As is already known, the historical standard of our school invites applicants to develop a research topic that begins officially from the moment they are summoned to take part of the process.

Throughout history, the school has seen very interesting investigations, all oriented towards the practice of martial arts (and available in the Seishinkan honbu dojo library, for all interested in reviewing them), ranging from practicing karate 空 手 as a physical activity and / or sport (with volumes of physical conditioning, training systems, exercise physiology, physical therapy, nutrition, etc), the role of pedagogy in the process of teaching martial arts to specific groups of people (pre-schoolers, teenagers, adults, seniors and how this can effectively support the process of formation and education within the formal and non formal aspect), the historical perspective and development of karate do and martial arts (fundamental role of the historical process of Okinawa 沖 縄 in the future development of karate do 空 手 , history of Isshinryu 一心流 in different parts of the world, etc.) and a look from the sustainable leadership point of view and how to develop it effectively with the aim of achieving a sustainable organisation of martial arts, with all the angles and perspectives that this implies.

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This year and for the first time in history, a particular topic will be the one that will bring the whole group together, thus directing individual efforts towards a collective good which is intrinsically related to the topic itself: Seishinkan, a school for life”.

In Osvaldo sensei’s own words, “the main premise in this new way of evaluating will be working as a team, so that the written document will be developed in a single topic addressed by all together”

On October 30, the written document must be completed and available for reading by the members of the commission who will have until November 7 to review it, the date on which the presentation will take place via teleconference at a time yet to be confirmed, carried out in Spanish and will be open to all interested parties upon registration (Click here to make your registration).

The technical / practical part, fundamental and mandatory to finalise the examination process, was initially planned for January 2021, with the aim of giving margin to the health crisis derived from COVID-19 that may affect the possibility of carrying out that instance one one hand, and affect the travel itinerary of some members of the commission from abroad on the other.

In this opportunity, all the corresponding Isshinryu technical program for each level will be evaluated, in addition to the Kumite 組手, Kobudo 古武道 and Tameshiwari.


A comprehensive time frame has resulted in a clear schedule in which applicants must comply, among other things, with attending individual training and support sessions via teleconference with part of the team that will evaluate the process and at the same time prepare the research whose results will be presented under the same desire to provide students with tools that contribute to the process of individual development.

This process is also aligned with the institutional mission of our organisation through the specific objectives it pursues. Namely:

  • “Nurture constantly our students of different knowledge concerning the practice of Karate-Do Isshin Ryu 一心流, oriented towards the maximum theoretical and technical development of all Seishinkan students”.
  • “Stimulate and generate in our students the ability to transfer the Dojo’s learning to everyday life”
  • “Deliver practical tools for personal development”
  • “Nurture our students of solid philosophical foundations that contribute to the search of a personal path of  grow”

In this way, the activity calendar provides a clear guiding thread to successfully complete this process.





“Without a doubt one of the great virtues of our school is resilience. Rising, adapting and dealing with circumstances, sometimes disastrous, like a wind in our favor, is something that is at the foundation of Seishinkan.
Today is not the exception. Despite the complex moment that our country and humanity are suffering with the contingency of COVID 19, Seishinkan has once again agreed to reinvent itself and will make the project “Black Belt Exam 2020” a historic moment for our school. Without losing the real essence of face-to-face work in the Dojo, but adding the tools that we have in our favor today, a new exam modality has been planned.
It will undoubtedly be a great challenge that will once again make our mark. I do not doubt the effort, commitment and dedication of each one of the summoned, from whom I hope the best. My trust and that of everyone is placed in them.
For my students, strength, discipline and correct attitude.
Never forget:
-A true warrior see the invisible, feel the intangible and achieve the impossible-“

Seishinkan Hombu Dojo 
PresidentSHISA sin fondo

This year has brought us new challenges, new challenges that lead us to meet our deepest self. This year has filled us with fear and torment, but it is up to each of us to succeed.
For Seishinkan, this black belt exam is a new way of facing life with pro-activity and resilience.
Flexibility; you have to adapt to the circumstances that life offers us, always focusing on the good of situations, despite the harsh and intense they are.
The greatest challenge of this exam will undoubtedly be being forced to find yourself and work on your personal limitations.
To all the students in the exam: life is giving them the opportunity to be part of a story. Much strength, patience and love towards yourselves”.

Seishinkan Hombu Dojo 
Chief InstructorSHISA sin fondo

Without further ado, Seishinkan and all its members wish everyone the best of success in a process that is expected, stands out for the growth and learning of the entire group involved, and for them to successfully transform the circumstances that have marked this 2020 in something productive that helps them achieve the objectives and goals set.


To those interested in following the process and being part of the videoconference in which the results of the written work will be presented, we invite you to contact us through the following link.

“2020 BLACK BELT TESTING VIDEOCONFERENCE: “Seishinkan: A School for Life”


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